Teapot Hall

Teapot Hall in Bottesford has just relocated to a new site off Bramley Crescent, close to Bottesford Town Hall and Valley View Park.

The name Teapot hall is sometimes considered an unusual name and raises questions of how and where the name derives.

The original Teapot Hall

The original Teapot Hall

Back in the early half of the last century before the development of the Westcliff, Manor Farm, SunnySide, Riddings and Yaddlethorpe areas the land was occupied by farms, wooded areas and a number of brickworks.

Most of the houses on Burringham Road were built in the mid 1920s, prior to that the only house was that near to Ashby Turn which was originally the Vicarage for St. Peter’s Church in Bottesford, it later became the surgery of Dr Eminson and is now a Residential Home.

Some of the houses were built of silica bricks; these were made at the Silica Brickworks, which was situated in the wooded area at the corner of Burringham Road and Scotter Road. The bricks were made from silica (white sand) which was excavated at the site which has since been turned into a residential area.

Apart from the Silica Brickworks there were two other brickworks in the area, both at Yaddlethorpe at the junction of Moorwell Road and Scotter Road – these were Jacksons and Pallisters.

There used to be a footpath from the side of Silica Woods on Burringham Road across the fields to the bottom of Moorwell Road at Yaddlethorpe.

The former Teapot Hall on Messingham Road

The former Teapot Hall on Messingham Road

Situated along this footpath was a small cottage on which each side used to be a large pond, a popular haunt for boys fishing for tiddlers. This cottage was known as Teapot Hall; the story goes that the name derives from the fact many years ago a certain lady who lived at the cottage was well known for her custom of offering a cup of tea to anyone passing the lonely footpath and hence it became known as Teapot Hall.

The development of the Riddings Estate in the 1950s saw the cottage demolished to make way for the Riddings Senior School playing fields.

A new Teapot Hall was established on Messingham Road and served as a drop-in centre and meeting place for the elderly for many years.

In October 2012 Bottesford Town Council agreed the need for a new hall which was eventually opened on 14th April 2014 off Bramley Crescent – this official opening taking place on 23rd April by local MP Nic Dakin.

The new Teapot Hall off Bramley Crescent, Bottesford.

The new Teapot Hall off Bramley Crescent, Bottesford.


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