Days Out

Days out to the seaside or other places were a treat for any child and was sometime the only holidays they would get each year, if lucky – sometimes it would the only holiday of their entire childhood. This page looks back a various outings organised by the various organisations from around the area.

Cottage Beck Road Wesleyan Chapel outing to Cleethorpes c1950

Cottage Beck Road Wesleyan Chapel outing to Cleethorpes c1950

This outing above was taken around 1950 from the Cottage Beck Wesleyan Chapel, the church building that can be seen behind the bus, and was organised by a local character called Alfie Drane who is on the left of the picture in a flat cap and glasses almost hidden by other trippers. He was also known in the area for delivering vegetables by horse and cart.

Ann Cuthbert is the girl in a dark coat third left on the second row from the front with her best friend Pat Glasson fourth left. Ann Cuthbert’s mother is second left of the picture with the man in the black suit thought to be Mr. Gillatt.

Ann Cuthbert and Pat Glasson spent their formative years in Avon Road, however Ann was born in Buckingham Street, Crosby, moving to Avon Road as a youngster. She attended Frodingham Infants, Brumby Juniors, Doncaster Road Girls’ Secondary and then did a course at ScunthorpeTechnicalCollege, the relevant wing of which was housed in the school at Santon, which once stood by the railway between High and Low Santon.

She then went to work a Lysaght’s as a wages clerk before leaving to raise a family after marrying to becoming Mrs Ann Burkinshaw. She later worked at British Steel in the drawing office and retired from Corus in 2002.

She recalls playing games in Avon Road including skipping, round the block, hopscotch and two and three ball juggling against a wall. Rowland Road Park was also a favourite haunt for youngster who looked forward to a visit from Sargeant’s ice-cream van.

She recalls the shops on the corner of Cottage Beck Road and Warwick Road including Benson’s grocers and Blyworth’s fruit & vegetables.

The site of the chapel in now occupied by Holloway’s coaches and the building just visible behind to the left of the chapel was Frodingham Library – now converted into flats.


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